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Microminiatures within 2 months number one attraction in Volendam
In the beginning of may Museum Mondial opened its doors in Volendam. The exposition of 14 microminiatures has been on display since May 1 2018 in the touristic former fishing village. The first review on Tripadvisor followed on June 27 and the museum now stands at no. 1 position. Visitors of the exhibition are unanimously enthusiastic about the works of art made by the Ukrainian artist Mykola Syadristy. The enthusiasm of the visitors has lead to the number-one position on the list of things to do in Volendam. ``Unbelievable how something that you can not see with your naked eye is made by human hands. It looks like mindfuck. ``, according to a reaction of a visitor.

Human hair with rose inside is amazing
One of the works of art that evokes the most reactions is the rose inside a drilled out human hair. The hair is barely visible with the naked eye and then there is also a rose inside, made of gold wire. This rose is made the artist over fifty years ago as a present for his wife. He worked on it for almost a year, six days a week.

Old and young
This exhibition fascinates both old and youngd. Even young children do not get bored seeing the works of art that can only be seen through a microscope. The ten-year-old Teun from New York writes in the guest book: ``Super fun, really worth your money. ``Adolescents - normally not the most enthusiastic group of museum visitors - are fascinated by the details incorporated in the works of art. But also the elderly - who often have seen a lot in their lives - look and are surprised by these unique works of art. The 93-year-old mrs. Damsma traveled to Volendam especially for the exhibition from the city of Leeuwarden and thought it was very well worth the ride.