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He invented the word micro miniatures: the Ukrainian artist Mykola Syadristy. There was not a word in the world that clearly described his works of art so he invented his own word.

The works of art are so tiny you cannot see them with your naked eye and you need a special magnifying glass to admire them. The Santa Maria, the ship on which Columbus discovered South America, that he reproduced contains more than 250 components.

These days Syadristy is over 80 years now and he is unable to travel around the world like he used to do. No one but himself is allowed to touch and install his works. That’s why it is very special that his works are now exposed in Volendam. Specially for this exposition he travelled to Volendam to set up the works of art himself.

Due to his experience as an underwater athlete Syadristy knows how to regulate his hart beat so he doesn’t make any sudden moves. Very important when you create such ultra tiny works of art. This work requires extreme patience and precision work. A hand that slippes unables the work of months. That is the reason Syadristy hasn’t been able to create any new works recently.

Syadristy has visited almost every continent with his exposition and heads of state and politicians all over the world visited his unique works of art. The main part of his collection is shown in his own museum in Kiev: the Mykola Syadristy Museum of Microminiatures which has a ***** reward by Trip Advisor.

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